Management Expertise

Security & Logistical Capabilities

Geopolitical Acumen

Relationship Capital

Frontier Resource Group
About Us

Frontier Resource Group (FRG) is a Private Equity Investment Firm focused on natural resource development in leading edge regions.

We add value as your investment partner by providing management expertise, security & logistical capabilities, geopolitical acumen, and relationship capital.

Frontier Resource Group

Solutions Orientated Investor

FRG mandates a solutions oriented approach to investing – utilizing flexible capital for situations that require operational expertise and stakeholder alignment. FRG understands the importance of providing feedback quickly, structuring with creatively, and closing transactions on time.

Integrated Operational Capabilities

We seek to partner with owners and operators of frontier market businesses to help create value over the long term. Our professionals have experience investing and growing businesses in frontier markets.

Frontier Resource Group

We typically make $2mm to $25mm investments in:

• Management Buyout

• Growth Financing

• Acquisition

• Project Investment

• Asset Leasing

• Feasibility & Exploration

Frontier Resource Group

Frontier Resource Group

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Frontier Resource Group